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Freeze dried food & MREs

The MRE (or meals ready to eat) are a well-known and previously used form of food during times of war. However, they are now available for the public to purchase in the case of an emergency or disaster. Allowing you to stay prepared with nutritious easy-to-eat food while in an emergency.

While they aren’t used much in combat anymore due to them being more difficult to eat then a meal bar; these wonderful little meals will help to fill out your disaster food storage.

MRE (meals ready to eat) are essentially self-contained field rations that are filled to the brim with what your body needs to survive. These meals can be purchased directly from those who supply MRES to the United States Government or at emergency retailers online. They are typically very affordable and easy to find.

What is the contents of an MRE meal? Whether it be a main dish, side dish, dessert, crackers, cheese, or even powdered beverages; there are many different things that are included in an MRE. Most of which are fortified with the nutrients that will help you to survive. [MRE (meals ready to eat)]

Emergency radios & Survival essentials

Survival essentials are the must-have emergency items that could help to save you and your family. While not many people will spend hours of their lives considering what they may need in an emergency; we should all take a few minutes to sit down and really think about what it is to be prepared for a disaster.

This of course includes purchasing and keeping handy the many Survival essentials that we all need. Survival essentials will of course vary depending on where you are located. Whether you are in earthquake territory, tornado territory, or hurricane territory. Not to mention the possibility of man-made disasters.

There are a few Survival essentials that won’t change no matter the difference of your situation. We all need water and food to live. Making it essential to have a food and water storage in your home and even your car. However, these are all well known essentials to everyone. But, would you think of heat packs, flares, gloves, blankets, or any other essential that you may need to keep your family safe in a disaster? Fortunately, there are emergency essential kits to help take the thought out of being prepared in case of an emergency! [Survival essentials]      Add to Delicious Bookmark Survival Planning at